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Who are we?  

  Dogico is a small Canadian Software and Data Pipeline Development company in operations since 1998.

Our mission is to seize opportunities to use our competencies, processes and creativity to continuously create value for our clients.

Agile Offloading:

Over the years, Dogico has taken responsibility for the planning, development, maintenance and evolution of groups of Applications and Data Pipelines. 

We are following an “agile offloading” approach where clients get the benefits of outsourcing without the overhead and cost while keeping strict control on their strategic assets.


- We are currently using this approach to build the Data Warehousing infrastructure of a major Canadian mining operation.

- Before that we “took care” of an Health and Wellness Assessment application for the Canadian Medical Association.

- Some years ago, we were developing and maintaining the online product availability application for a major Canadian Tour Operator.

Other Services: 

- Placing resources in technical contract roles centering on the Azure and .NET platforms.

- Taking responsibility for projects (time and material and fixed priced);

- Interim management roles.